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Anne had the same hairstyle for many years in the UK. Now in Japan, she felt it was time to change that, any haircut can become dull after watching it too long in the mirror. All she knew she wanted was it to become shorter. Lets see what happened.

Anne DSCN4518 Anne DSCN4519

They decided on a pixie cut, which is quite the leap from the straigth cut lines in her prior style. Yoshiko cut it very short in the back, and kept a bit infront.

Anne DSCN4520 Anne DSCN4521

Anne DSCN4522

The result is absolutely awesome, it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. But it’s just not her stunning hair, but also her smile which is invoking new glamour  and brilliance in the picture. Which isn’t too odd considering how happy she was with her new haircut.
Never underestimate a changeover. 😉

With first the success the first time, Anne is back for maintaining her short pixie cut. Opting to go even shorter this time, especially on the sides.

annebowles#2nov29 003 annebowles#2nov29 007
See you soon again Anne! ;D