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First time customer John had wavy and thick hair. It was rather long and out of shape, so he wanted a more formal look to his hair.

John DSCN4607 John DSCN4608 John DSCN4609

Yoshiko cut his hair shorter and shaped up all the wavy parts.

John DSCN4612 John DSCN4613

Johns new hair cut is slicker and feels more organized. Well now he’ll be ready for jobinterviews and dates, whatever he will use his new haircut for, one advantage it has for sure.
You need less soap in the shower! ;p

Heather had an unusual request when she came to Afrodita. Her hair is naturally thick and curly, and as a devoted volleyball player, this became quite a problem.

She wanted to be able to put her hair up in pony tail while playing, but still keep a curly look to her hair without thinning it out too much.
So what strategy did she come up with?

Heather DSCN4542 Heather DSCN4542Heather DSCN4543 Heather DSCN4544 Heather DSCN4545

Heather wanted Yoshiko to shave the lower parts of her hair short, beneath the rest of the hair, and hidden away.Yes you heard right, shave! This should give her hair the ability to be tied up into a pony tail, while still looking good and unnoticeable when she let it down outside of volleyball practice.

Yoshiko was happy to tackle this challenge!

So she  shaved the lower part of her hair down to a few cm. (Oh boy!)She cut in a lot of layers to thin it out, but still keep decent volume and depth. Her hair was colored darker to add warmth, with some highlights to give some shine to the warmer style.

Heather DSCN4546 Heather DSCN4547 Heather DSCN4548

The result is a less messy bulk, but controlled and sophisticated curly hair. Heathers casual look has been enhanced, while her invisible cut down hair underneath finally enables her to give it her all in those volleyball matches!



Stephanie wants to have hair cut to change her long waving hair. It was volumous and she wants it to be shorter and tidier.




Yoshiko cut it much shorter, reaching shoulder. She trimmed up hair in layers, gave it a natural look.

The volume was remarkable decreased and matched to face shape.





Stephanie got a fresh look with this short hair. She is also happy because the style helps her manage easily in daily care.

Kimberly came to Afrodita the first time to have hair cut. A  dramatical change came to her!

Kimberly DSCN4239

Her hair was not so much stylish with bang combed quite randomly and the end was not trimmed for a while. She wants to have a more stylish hair.

Kimberly DSCN4240

Yoshiko cut her hair in layers . The end part was trimmed, shaped up to frame around face and makes her face looks thinner.

Her bang was made to be thicker and side out to match with the whole hair style. This change also made her face looked more charming.

Kimberly DSCN4241

Kimberly’s hair is much more volumous and glossy. She looks more stylish with pretty thin face. How wonderful to become much younger just by having a hair cut! Kimberly will definitely have a second visit to Afrodita.


Kayla came in for a trim with a one concern. She wanted to have front bangs. Yoshiko was more than happy to help.

yoshiko_camera 066


yoshiko_camera 067

The overall length of Kayla’s her didn’t change much, but Yoshiko trimmed it up and gave her the bangs she was wanting. Along this with, her hair was given layering to add some texture.