Possessing volumous, waving hair, Nicole wanted to change it to straight and shiny hair.

Yoshiko gave her Japanese termal hair straightening. This technique brings forth a natural look for straigtened hair.

Then her hair was shaped up to frame her face, condition was used to ge the shiny look she desired.

Nicole’s straigth hair appears finer now, and is a excellent fit for her style. The shine is also easy to notice on the dark hair she has, adding a bit of radiance to her superb new hair.

First time customer Yimen asked for a better look with her dark hair. Straightening was a good suggestion for her.



Yoshiko trimmed up her hair a little to have a beautiful shape, then do Japanese thermal straightening. This technique help straighten hair but maintain the natural look of it. She parted hair in center to give Yimen an Oriental beauty look.
Yimen changed significantly for a much more beautiful look. Her face is so charming now, and the new hair is glossy with nice shape.