Rychill has thick hair, which he hasn’t been able to style with on his own. He wants it lighter and more stylish so he can play around with it.

Yoshiko cut his hair short at the back and sides, followed by a partial disconnection style. Then gave it texture to decrease hair volume, to make it less imposing.

Rychill’s look was changed  a lot by this new hair style, he got more youthful and energic look to him now, which really comes from his shorter hair in the sides and back. Also, styling his hair now won’t be a problem from now on.

Stephanie wants to have hair cut to change her long waving hair. It was volumous and she wants it to be shorter and tidier.


Yoshiko cut it much shorter, reaching shoulder. She trimmed up hair in layers, gave it a natural look.

The volume was remarkable decreased and matched to face shape.

Stephanie got a fresh look with this short hair. She is also happy because the style helps her manage easily in daily care.