When Sari came to Afrodita, she already had a beautiful looking bob hair style. What she asked for was a color change. It was too bright for her taste, so she asked for a dark and glossy hairstyle.

She received a special hair treatment called FLD. In this method, a lot of different nutrition chemicals are used to give hair a shiny look. FLD treatment substance was mixed with the color to kill two birds with one stone.

The result is amazingly shiny hair and the darker color  matches her well. Sari’s appearance changed quite considerately without cutting anything, it gives off a more dignified look.

When a little shine can do! 😉

Jenna came to Afrodita with dark blonde hair and asked for a total recoloring. She wanted to go black and change her image.
Jenna DSCN4296 Jenna DSCN4297

So Yoshiko colored with dark brown color to give a sharper appearance, afterwards she gave her a trim and created some layers and texture for depth and volume.

Jenna DSCN4301

She got what she asked for. 🙂  The dark hair gives her a stronger and fiercer look, while her glasses gives it a cute finish.
Also, blending in with japanese crowds is a lot easier now. ;P

Heather had an unusual request when she came to Afrodita. Her hair is naturally thick and curly, and as a devoted volleyball player, this became quite a problem.

She wanted to be able to put her hair up in pony tail while playing, but still keep a curly look to her hair without thinning it out too much.
So what strategy did she come up with?

Heather DSCN4542 Heather DSCN4542Heather DSCN4543 Heather DSCN4544 Heather DSCN4545

Heather wanted Yoshiko to shave the lower parts of her hair short, beneath the rest of the hair, and hidden away.Yes you heard right, shave! This should give her hair the ability to be tied up into a pony tail, while still looking good and unnoticeable when she let it down outside of volleyball practice.

Yoshiko was happy to tackle this challenge!

So she  shaved the lower part of her hair down to a few cm. (Oh boy!)She cut in a lot of layers to thin it out, but still keep decent volume and depth. Her hair was colored darker to add warmth, with some highlights to give some shine to the warmer style.

Heather DSCN4546 Heather DSCN4547 Heather DSCN4548

The result is a less messy bulk, but controlled and sophisticated curly hair. Heathers casual look has been enhanced, while her invisible cut down hair underneath finally enables her to give it her all in those volleyball matches!

Tatiana had colored her natural brown her herself with a lighter color. Unfurtunally it seemed a little bleached out, leaving her light her damaged and out of shape. So she wanted to get a color correction for her hair, and get a more natural vibe to her it again.

Yoshiko used a semi-permanent dark ash color than matched her requirements. The semi-permanent isn’t as rough on the hair as permanent color, thus being a bit kinder to her  delicate hair.  Afterwards the damaged ends were trimmed out, giving her hair a more vibrant appearance.

Getting your hair highligted can often be great, but going back to the roots and taking a more natural style can really look good. Like in this case.  The hairstyle itself didn’t change that much, but elegance was definitely achieved.

When Gemma came in, she was unhappy with the results of a previous coloring she did herself. She said the ashy blonde color was too ashy, and that she wanted something color to her natural color.

gemma DSCN4033 gemma DSCN4035


gemma DSCN4038 gemma DSCN4036

Yoshiko applied coloring with warmer tones to get the natural effect desired. A similar demi color was applied, and the result can be seen here.

gemma DSCN4039 gemma DSCN4041

When Gemma left Afrodita her locks were a darker color that give off a more natural appearance. We think that if someone ran into Gemma, they would not know she had colored her hair.