Rena looked like a little cheeky angel when she came to the hair salon with her mother. She had long and volumous hair which curled naturally. She was having her very first hair cut in a hair salon.  Let’s see what changes Yoshiko could bring to this sweet girl.

Since Rena is still a child, hair styling like perms or straightening is not recommended, so instead Yoshiko cut her hair into layers and shaped it up to be framed around her face.Yoshiko also trimmed it to decrease some of  crazy hair volume. Fringe was made to be shorter and brushed to the side. Rena’s natural curled hair is very compatible for this kind of hair style.

Rena  became a little princess with her natural bobbing hair. Looking forward to see this adorable customer again!

When Adam came in, his hair was starting to curl to due its length. He asked for the curls to be taken care of and get the rest of his hair trimmed.

adam yoshiko_camera 229 - adam yoshiko_camera 228-


adam yoshiko_camera 230

Yoshiko cut his hair short on top to prevent curling in his strands, and it was made very short on the sides. Also, his neckline was raised in the back.

adam yoshiko_camera 238 adam yoshiko_camera 239


adam yoshiko_camera 233

The hair on top was then styled into chunky spikes with the front sweeping slightly to the side. Styling requires minimal effort and can be done in just a few minutes.