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Our regular Megan has come to Afrodita a bunch of times so far. Let’s take a look on her journey up until now!

The first time, Megan wanted to have a color correction, her darker roots needed to be covered, plus a little change to brighten up the hair color was needed.

megan DSCN4021  megan DSCN4018

Yoshiko gave her roots a touch-up to give her a natural blonde hair look. Highlights and lowlights were added for a bit of youthful energy.

megan DSCN4027 megan DSCN4026 megan DSCN4025 megan DSCN4024

The second time Megan came, she wanted to step it up and change her style a bit.This time around she wanted to try straight hair.

So first Yoshiko did the roots touch up again, then shaped her hair by cutting it in layers for a more distinct style, in comparison to her former friskier look. Megan’s hair was straightened just by styling and not with chemical straighting since she just wanted to try out this look. The result is longer looking hair,  with an air of brilliance. 😉

Megan DSCN4213 Megan DSCN4215

Ofcourse it will end up getting curly again, then she will have to do straightening herself to keep the look.

The third time Megan came to Afrodita, she decided to go shorter.

An Asymmetrical bob style was chosen and works well on her curly hair. No need to force int straight this time. Her hair was cut short in the back and kept a bit longer at sides, with one side slighty longer than the other.

Megan DSCN4447

Megan DSCN4449 Megan DSCN4450

This wash-and-go hair style fits her well, well its not a fusion from the two prior hairstyles, but its definitely evolving. Instead of forcing the straight hair look, shes embracing her curls, with great results. Might be something we all could learn from? ;p

Lets all go on a journey for perfect hair! Or maybe perfection can never be attained in the first place?It’s the journey and the will try that makes it fun.


The jourey continues! Lets see what we have in store for you this time.

megansept26-869 megansept26-871 megansept26-870

She definitely wanted to have something done to her darker roots, and something with the overall color. It was getting slightly dark. Something special to freshen it up? What about… strawberries. Yes, you heard right.
Yoshiko decided to use strawberry blond color for her this time. Plus some more white and red.

megansept26-877 megansept26-878 megansept26-880

The result looks surprisingly good. Strawberry blond really does look good, who would’ve thought? =P
In addition Megan got her hair straigthened for the final finish. We like this cut a lot on her.
You have a fantastic day Megan! And the readers aswell ofcourse haha!


Syed came with his hair curly and quite out of shape. He wants to change his image, and by haircut alone, and a wild one is okay.



He had a good try of wildness with a soft Mohican style. Hair in both sides was cut short, why the middle part remains a little longer. His curly hair matched nicely with this style. With some hair wax, let’s see how he changed!



Syed’s new hair gave him a totally different image. Not only does it look quite cool, but his attitude seemed to change rather abruptly aswell ;D haha. This new hair is also easy for him to style himself every day.

Rock on Syed!

Heather had an unusual request when she came to Afrodita. Her hair is naturally thick and curly, and as a devoted volleyball player, this became quite a problem.

She wanted to be able to put her hair up in pony tail while playing, but still keep a curly look to her hair without thinning it out too much.
So what strategy did she come up with?

Heather DSCN4542 Heather DSCN4542Heather DSCN4543 Heather DSCN4544 Heather DSCN4545

Heather wanted Yoshiko to shave the lower parts of her hair short, beneath the rest of the hair, and hidden away.Yes you heard right, shave! This should give her hair the ability to be tied up into a pony tail, while still looking good and unnoticeable when she let it down outside of volleyball practice.

Yoshiko was happy to tackle this challenge!

So she  shaved the lower part of her hair down to a few cm. (Oh boy!)She cut in a lot of layers to thin it out, but still keep decent volume and depth. Her hair was colored darker to add warmth, with some highlights to give some shine to the warmer style.

Heather DSCN4546 Heather DSCN4547 Heather DSCN4548

The result is a less messy bulk, but controlled and sophisticated curly hair. Heathers casual look has been enhanced, while her invisible cut down hair underneath finally enables her to give it her all in those volleyball matches!

Milena hadn’t had a cut in quite some time, and it was in need of shaping. It was curly and poofing out to the sides.

yoshiko_camera 185 yoshiko_camera 186

After speaking with Yoshiko, she decided that a short bob cut with a dark, urban, terra cotta color would give the look desired. We used a semi-permanent color without chemicals. It’s easy to wash out, and is helpful for those who want to try out a color without damaging their hair.

The length all over was trimmed up–no longer does it fall down to her shoulders.

yoshiko_camera 188 yoshiko_camera 189


yoshiko_camera 187

Milena’s hair is now in an easier to manage state. Not much styling or blow drying is required, and the new cut gives her eyes and skin a sharper look with a youthful appearance.

After being pleased with the results of her first visit, Tessa returned to Afrodita. But this time she wanted to add color to her hair.

yoshiko_camera 166 yoshiko_camera 164

She wanted to go with a color that would match well with her skin tone. Yoshiko and her decided a burgundy color would contrast well with her complexion.

yoshiko_camera 167 yoshiko_camera 169


yoshiko_camera 171

Her styling remained the same as when she came in, but her hair was given new life with the new color. The natural curls in Tessa’s hair help to catch the light and give off the appearance of different shades of red.