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After being pleased with the results of her first visit, Tessa returned to Afrodita. But this time she wanted to add color to her hair.

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She wanted to go with a color that would match well with her skin tone. Yoshiko and her decided a burgundy color would contrast well with her complexion.

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Her styling remained the same as when she came in, but her hair was given new life with the new color. The natural curls in Tessa’s hair help to catch the light and give off the appearance of different shades of red.

This was Gavin’s first time to Afrodita. He asked to have his hair lightened up.

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One of the things he has trouble with is the hair on the sides of his head poofing out. He wanted it more manageable, so Yoshiko trimmed it up and texturized the waves in his hair.

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Also, he had his highlights redone to contrast more with his skin’s complexion.

After the cut and highlighting, Gavin’s face appears more vibrant and even gives off a more youthful appearance.