Regular client Crystal came to correct color and trim up hair. Her natural dark color came out, and her hair became long and out of shape.

Crystal DSCN4227 Crystal DSCN4226


Crystal DSCN4225

Yoshiko cut her hair to make it shorter and thinner. She shaped it around face, made straight bob shape which is easy to mantain.


Crystal DSCN4231 Crystal DSCN4230

Color was brighten with a lot of highlights added, and roots color was corrected perfectly.

Crystal DSCN4228 Crystal DSCN4229

Crystal has a great change with this hair style. She looks more brilliant and active than before. Another goal is that she can easily styling hair herself with her hair like this.

She have become a regular customer of Afrodita, since she always get satisfaction after every time visiting our hair salon.

Ofelia has her hair with no style at all when she came to Afrodita. Gray hair came out in the roots, and a lot of hair is also a problem. She asked for a change.

Yoshiko did coloring and cut her hair shorter. The gray roots were covered up by dark brown color to give her a younger appearance. Hair was trimmed to frame around face, and the back part was cut following layer bob style. Yoshiko made the hair be thinner for a tidy and bright look.

Ofelia’s changes after hair styling is remarkable. She looks significantly younger and more modern. She was so satisfy with this first time visit Afrodita that she mentioned to come back.

When Natalia came, her hair was not so much styling. dyed brown, thin and touch shoulder. She wants a change, especially brighter hair to be blonde.


In Afrodita, she got her hair trimmed up in layers. It was colored to be blonde, which helps significantly brighten her face.

A shorter bang is compatible with her face shape. Yoshiko made hair becomes more volumous on the top.

Natalia’s image is dramatical changed. She looks much brighter and more vital with this new hair style.

Betta had her hair out of shape and color faded when she came to Afrodita. She needs to correct the color and do styling on her curl hair. What Yoshiko did for her was more than expected.

Betta DSCN4218

Yoshiko corrected color by adding three different colors subtly. She made it more briliant by some gold highlights, but not too drastic. The well combined colors gave Betta’s hair a very natural look.

Betta DSCN4221

Betta DSCN4224

Yoshiko also trimmed and shaped up the hair for a more stylish appearance. Betta’s hair is no longer curled but be framed around her face.

Betta DSCN4222


Betta DSCN4223

She has a wonderful look with this new hair. Betta is much younger and up-to-date. She was so happy that she would like to visit Afrodita much more in the future.

Kristi came in with her friend, Amanda. Like her, Kristi’s roots were showing and needed to be touched up. She always wanted her hair colored, but a cooler color than usual.

yoshiko_camera 152 yoshiko_camera 150


yoshiko_camera 151

Before coming in, she had previously received a bad haircut elsewhere and wanted to fix it. Yoshiko trimmed it up a bit, but left as much length as possible.

yoshiko_camera 158 yoshiko_camera 157


yoshiko_camera 156

Yoshiko also wanted to control the balance of the hair, so she evened out the thickness. The result is straight locks with coloring that not only looks natural, but still has vibrancy and is sure to catch some looks.