Emma comes regulary to Afrodita to get her hair done. Her hair gets really frizzi, and the ends look kinda damaged, so she needed a cut to make it look good again. Aswell as recharging the color tone.

Emma DSCN4469

Emma DSCN4470

So Yoshiko chose three colors to weave into the hair via foilwork, warmer brown, golden mango, apricot chestnut. Then she cut down on the length.
Emma DSCN4471 Emma DSCN4472 Emma DSCN4473 Emma DSCN4474

The result is a cute and fuller looking haircut. With the frizzi ends gone, it really seems thicker and more alive.

Stephanie had really long hair when she came to Afrodita. It was rather smooth, and hadn’t seen a scissor for quite a while, and it was time to change that.

A good amount of hair was cut,  Yoshiko then shaped her hair up in layers, framed it around her face and made it follow her facelane. The bangs were made to touch her eyebrow.

Since a lot of length was cut, it looks fuller and healthier now. It also has quite the shine to it aswell, it looks good on her!

Stephanie wants to have hair cut to change her long waving hair. It was volumous and she wants it to be shorter and tidier.


Yoshiko cut it much shorter, reaching shoulder. She trimmed up hair in layers, gave it a natural look.

The volume was remarkable decreased and matched to face shape.

Stephanie got a fresh look with this short hair. She is also happy because the style helps her manage easily in daily care.

First time customer Elena came to Afrodita to do roots touch up for a natural look of her hair. Elena’s chestnut color hair had not been cut for a long time so it was quite out of shape. The original bright color came out at the roots. Her hair also needs treatments since it lost its glossy look.

Elena DSCN4202

Elena DSCN4203

Elena got her hair cut, treated, and re-colored. Yoshiko gave her 5-steps treatment for a vigorous look, then trimmed up her hair in a stylish way. The deep-care treatment helps recontruct hair structure and bring it back to the healthy condition. Color tough-up made her hair looks more natural.

Elena DSCN4206

Elena DSCN4207

A total new look of hair brings to Elena a bright appearance. She got all the goals she look for when coming to a hair salon.

This is the first time Elena visits Afrodita. She planed to come back to get continously care for her hair.

When Elizabeth came to Afrodita, her hair was so fragile and she was afraid of any damage can happen to her hair if she does hair styling. Her goal was having a healthier hair and a bit darker color.

Elizabeth DSCN4265



Based on the fragile hair’s requirements, Yoshiko gave her demi-treatment including five steps of treatment, which can provide various nutrition needed to recover weak hair. Yoshiko also reshaped layers at the bottom of the strands, then colored her hair with semi-permanent rinse, ash dark brown color.

Elizabeth DSCN4266

Elizabeth DSCN4267

Added a little bit hair gloss, Elizabeth hair looks vigorous than ever. She has darker hair and no longer worries about damage problem.