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When Natalia came, her hair was not so much styling. dyed brown, thin and touch shoulder. She wants a change, especially brighter hair to be blonde.


In Afrodita, she got her hair trimmed up in layers. It was colored to be blonde, which helps significantly brighten her face.

A shorter bang is compatible with her face shape. Yoshiko made hair becomes more volumous on the top.





Natalia’s image is dramatical changed. She looks much brighter and more vital with this new hair style.

Henrike came to Afrodita for the first time to see what can be done to her fade out hair. She has hair colored brightly, and the natural darker color came out. The end of her hair also became a bit out of shape.

Henrike DSCN4242


Henrike DSCN4243


Henrike DSCN4244


Yoshiko did color tough up for her hair to have perfect color with heavy fine weaving highlighting.

Henrike DSCN4246

The ends of the hair was trimmed up about a inch and a little shaped up by blow-dry to give hair a vigorous appearance.

Henrike DSCN4247

The effects of hair brightening is so obviously. Brightening hair will brighten your face. Henrike is happy that the little change in hair style can cause considerable change to her face, and she has plan to come back Afrodita.