Kay came to Afrodita with red hair which was starting fading out. She asked for a recoloring and shape up.

Kay yoshiko_camera 268


Kay yoshiko_camera 270


Kay yoshiko_camera 271

Yoshiko touched up Kay’s hair with the same red color as last time, but also added vivid red streaks in the back to make it look fresher. Her hair was trimmed up with lots of layers and nice bangs were made. A little styling was used to make hair look straight.

Kay yoshiko_camera 272


Kay yoshiko_camera 273


Kay yoshiko_camera 274

Kay received a big change with this look. Her hair is tidy and fresh with red highlights, and the bangs made her face more charming.

Erica wanted a major cut at Afrodita. She has long, wavy hair, and she was going for something short and straigther.

Erica DSCN4375
Yoshiko decided to give her a asssymetric cut, with long bangs at one side. She had two do a double cut on them to create the effect she was going for. Which meant cutting in shorter underneath, and keeping it longer on the outside, a disconnecting cut.

Erica DSCN4376
Erica DSCN4377 Erica DSCN4378

It suits her face really well, she was happy with the cut, so we were also happy.

Until next time!

Stephanie had really long hair when she came to Afrodita. It was rather smooth, and hadn’t seen a scissor for quite a while, and it was time to change that.

A good amount of hair was cut,  Yoshiko then shaped her hair up in layers, framed it around her face and made it follow her facelane. The bangs were made to touch her eyebrow.

Since a lot of length was cut, it looks fuller and healthier now. It also has quite the shine to it aswell, it looks good on her!


Rena looked like a little cheeky angel when she came to the hair salon with her mother. She had long and volumous hair which curled naturally. She was having her very first hair cut in a hair salon.  Let’s see what changes Yoshiko could bring to this sweet girl.

Since Rena is still a child, hair styling like perms or straightening is not recommended, so instead Yoshiko cut her hair into layers and shaped it up to be framed around her face.Yoshiko also trimmed it to decrease some of  crazy hair volume. Fringe was made to be shorter and brushed to the side. Rena’s natural curled hair is very compatible for this kind of hair style.

Rena  became a little princess with her natural bobbing hair. Looking forward to see this adorable customer again!

When Kat came to us, her blonde hair had started to fade and become ashy. She wanted to touch it up and get a more stylish look to it.
Kat DSCN4327   Kat DSCN4328

Yoshiko colored her hair with a goldish tone. Highlights with the color honey wheat was added to the whole of Kat’s hair. Afterwards she got it  trimmed up, straightened and made the bangs smooth and nice.


Kat DSCN4329Kat DSCN4330

The result is amazing. She end up with preciser and smoother hair and you can really feel the powerful aura of honey radiate from her.

Thats honey wheat for you 😉