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Melyssa’s daughter is among the cutest customers we’ve had. She came in with her long wavy hair. And her mother asked for a change to her hair that looked good, aswell as being more convenient for play and maintaining.

Melissas daughter DSCN4526


With children, hair cut is the only styling method that is recommended. Asymmetrical bob was chosen to give this little girl a sprightly look.

Melissas daughter DSCN4527 Melissas daughter DSCN4528

Her blonde hair was cut shorter inher  back, longer in sides, and one side is longer than the other. The parting also was changed to show her face better.

Melissas daughter DSCN4529 DSCN4531

The little customer now looks even cuter :D, both her and her mother like this style very much. This short hair is also appropriate for children since it is easy to keep tidy and clean, and you dont have to do the brushing all the time, that children don’t always feel like doing.

Laura came in to Afrodita with medium-length hair. Her request was to go shorter and end up with an asymmetrical bob.

laura DSCN4042 laura DSCN4043


laura DSCN4044

The hair in the back was long and full, but there was a lot of it and not a lot of style. They decided quite a bit should be trimmed off take make it more manageable. Along with this, the locks on the sides were trimmed up to take away some wisps.

laura DSCN4045 laura DSCN4046


laura DSCN4047

Yoshiko tamed Laura’s hair, and by cutting it short some of the waviness of the hair was removed. Laura now has short fringe with a nice, clean look.