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Regular customer Kiyomi wanted to have a color correction for her faded out blonde hair. Besides that, a new haircut was suggested to her.
Kiyomi DSCN4562 Kiyomi DSCN4563

Yoshiko restored Kiyomi’s color with these 3 colors: Bright highlights, deep pink  and purple. This might sound a little extreme at first, but the combination of these three charming colors is what brings forth her hairs hidden potential.She also got asymmetrical bob blunt cut ,which is very compatible with her face. A bit of glamour with some basic style makes this fit well with her.

Kiyomi DSCN4564 Kiyomi DSCN4565 Kiyomi DSCN4566 Kiyomi DSCN4567 Kiyomi DSCN4568

Kiyomi’s hair became nice after all of these changes in color and style. She is satisfied with her new look, and so are we.

Take care!