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When Gemma came in, she was unhappy with the results of a previous coloring she did herself. She said the ashy blonde color was too ashy, and that she wanted something color to her natural color.

gemma DSCN4033 gemma DSCN4035


gemma DSCN4038 gemma DSCN4036

Yoshiko applied coloring with warmer tones to get the natural effect desired. A similar demi color was applied, and the result can be seen here.

gemma DSCN4039 gemma DSCN4041

When Gemma left Afrodita her locks were a darker color that give off a more natural appearance. We think that if someone ran into Gemma, they would not know she had colored her hair.

It was the day before her wedding when Ananda came to Afrodita. She wanted a major change for her big day.

yoshiko_camera 083 yoshiko_camera 081

Her hair was just past her shoulders and, she wanted it longer. After consulting with Yoshiko, they decided microtip extensions were the solution.

yoshiko_camera 090 yoshiko_camera 091


yoshiko_camera 092 yoshiko_camera 093

Both the color of her natural hair and extensions were matched to an ashy blonde so that the added wisps would look natural.

yoshiko_camera 095 yoshiko_camera 097

The result was natural-looking hair that almost reached down to the middle of her back. The 200 (!!) microtip extensions gave her the look and length she was looking for.

Ananda, we hope you had a wonderful wedding day!