Short haired Olesia tries three different hair colors

The first time Olesia came to Afrodita she had her hair fairly blond already, but which was in need in a touch up.

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So Yoshiko didn’t only just touch up her roots, but cut her ends aswell.

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The result is a really cute looking hairstyle. The neat sidesweep matches her face very well.

The second time Olesia came her hair had grown out a bit. She wanted to reduce some length again, and recolor all of her hair. But not as blond as before, a more natural dark blond color was on her mind.

olesiaoct20-225 olesiaoct20-226 olesiaoct20-227
So Yoshiko gave her a wispy pixie cut, which is slightly more messy looking and jagged than a normal pixie cut. At last she gave her a more natural dark blond hair color.

olesiaoct20-232 olesiaoct20-233 olesiaoct20-235 olesiaoct20-236 olesiaoct20-237
The new darker color looks really good on her, the more rough cut this time adds alot to her style.

Olesia liked the change of color last time, so she decided to try to go even darker this time.
So Yoshiko colored her hair a lot darker and added some golden spotlights for depth and complexity. Lets see how it turned out.

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Best result yet in our opinion. A very smart haircut, and the color goes very well with a brown eyes.