Rondolor and his new short and sharp look.

Rondolor wanted a cut. Not just any cut, he wanted the cut of cuts.  He had a lot of thick hair, giving it a little bit of round image to it. Also, the front part of his hair tended to curl too much.

rondolorsept8-728 rondolorsept8-729 rondolorsept8-730

Yoshiko used japanese hair straightening on the front part of this hair, the only real way to reduce those curls for him for good. A lot of texture was created, giving it a lighter look. Body was kept back at his head, to achieve the look he wanted.

rondolorsept8-732 rondolorsept8-733 rondolorsept8-734 rondolorsept8-736
The short straight hair infront, the ultra short hair at the sides, and bouncy volume at the back create the awesome look he was looking for. Glad you liked it! Have fun!