Pamela’s frizzy hair becomes easy to manage.

Pamela wanted to be able to manage her curly frizzy hair in an easier way. Aswell as adding a bit of style to the color of her hair.

pamelapattersonaug24-616 pamelapattersonaug24-619

First Pamela got base color highlights to cover any grey hair. Then some additional highlights on top for the full effect. Ends were cut to make it more manageable.

pamelapattersonaug24-618 pamelapattersonaug24-617 pamelapattersonaug24-620

Pamela was happy with the result. Her new haircut is fresh, but most importantly she’ll be even more happy when she gets home. Her ‘Wash and go’ type of hair is a lot easier to take care off now.

We were glad to help! 😉