Mimi with a smooth hair and bangs.

Today Mimi visited Afrodita with a little challenge. The challenge being her hair that needed a little bit of attention.
Not only did she have the classic reappearing roots problem, but her hair had also grown somewhat out of shape with a touch of frizziness to it.
Challenge accepted! 😉

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Yoshiko cut her hair back into shape and texturized it a bit, but all without cutting too much of the length of her hair. Then the roots were adresssed and finished with iron straightening.

mimihallsept19#1-793 mimihallsept19#1-792 mimihallsept19#1-791

What Mimi ended up with was really beautiful long hair. The blond color thrives with energy, her bangs over her forehead finally fit propely and complete this wonderful new look.