When Lara visited Afrodita for the first time she was greeted like a Queen. ;D
Also, her dark roots were reappearing.

lara 558 lara 559
Yoshiko covered up the roots and gave her many strong highlights for a sharp stylish look.

yoshiko_camera 565 yoshiko_camera 568 yoshiko_camera 569

Not bad for her first time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In fact, her new hair with the white strands look amazing on hair.

Let us see what she did her second time!

lara#2- 021 lara#2- 022 lara#2- 025

With strong contrast between high and lowlights, Lara wanted to tone it down a bit and give her hair a warmer feeling.

Yoshiko cut and colored her hair and then applied a toner for the less extreme appearance.

lara#2-023 lara#2-024
The result is as she hoped it would be. Finer less intrusive highlights add to the overall warmth of her new color. Which also makes it look smoother and more energic.