Kelly recharges hair color with a lot of highlights.

It was time for Kelly to do something about her hair. It had been a while, so here she was! Her color had begun to fade and had lost its power, so that definitely needed attention.
kellyhendrickssept20-816 kellyhendrickssept20-817 kellyhendrickssept20-819 Yoshiko started by cutting off her split ends and then proceded to color her roots. The rest of the hair was in dire need of getting its color recharged, so Yoshiko gave her alot of thin highlights, adding life to her hair. The finishing touch was done by straightening the hair with iron.
kellyhendrickssept20-820 kellyhendrickssept20-822 kellyhendrickssept20-825 kellyhendrickssept20-828

The result is beautiful smooth hair. The fine highlights really gives it an incredible shine and energy. The small cute sidesweep bang completes the look.