Eric gets a cool messy haircut.

Eric, a regular at Afrodita came in again for an update!

What did he want?A messy, short, cooler look.
What did Yoshiko do? ;P You guessed right.

ericevanssept25-850 ericevanssept25-851 ericevanssept25-852 ericevanssept25-853

First of all Yoshiko cut down a lot of his hair, it had become way too much. Then she gave him a jagged haircut, creating cool ends on his hair. It looks slightly messy, which is intended, its a controlled mess.

ericevanssept25-856 ericevanssept25-855 ericevanssept25-854

Shorter at the sides, longer at the front. This is a really cool look for him. See again soon Eric!
We are already missing you! Haha.