Why us?

“Elite” Tokyo salon results at Yokohama prices

After years working in the top salons in London, New York, Beverley Hills and Tokyo, we know how to deliver world-class results.

And because we’re not paying the same rent as the most expensive salons in Tokyo, we’re able to pass the savings on to our customers by offering much more reasonable prices on all our cuts, coloring and treatments.

That doesn’t mean you’re getting less of a service though. In fact, less hustle and bustle means we can take the time to find out exactly what you’re looking for, to answer your questions and share our ideas and recommendations with you. This all adds up to a experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and looking great. No wonder so many of our customers make the journey to visit us from Tokyo…

We know how to cut non-Japanese hair

When you come to Afrodita, you’ll never have to say, “that’s not what I wanted” or “that doesn’t look right.

The reason so many non-Japanese people complain after visiting a Japanese salon is because Japanese stylists simply aren’t used to dealing with non-Japanese hair and end up getting poor (sometimes terrible!) results.

Why is this? The reason is Japanese people tend to have a lot more hair volume than non-Japanese people. That means that almost all stylists here are used to shaping that volume into a range of different styles that, while they work for Japanese people, tend to leave non-Japanese people wishing they’d gone somewhere else… When Japanese stylists try to force your hair into a Japanese style, things can go badly wrong!

With years of experience at the top salons in  London, New York, Beverley Hills, and Tokyo, we’re used to working with customers from all over the world and with  every type of hair.

What’s more we can sit down and talk with you in English, answer your questions and find out exactly what you’re looking for so you’ll leave looking beautiful, and not feeling like you need to go somewhere else to “fix” a bad haircut.


Our customers can see the difference…

Our clientele includes models, celebrities and foreign residents, many of whom make a special journey to Yokohama just to see us, or who decide to “make a day of it” and combine their hair appointment with some shopping or sight-seeing in Yokohama.

We’re sure that once you try Afrodita, you won’t want to go anywhere else.
So, call us today and make an appointment: you’ll get a free hair consultation, a world-class haircut (by any standards), and one of the best “hair days” of your life!

Call 045-311-0139 and ask for Yoshiko.