Hair treatments:

We provide this as after-care when you’ve had your hair colored . A home-care set is included with the treatment.

Inphenom (For hair only) + homecare
With the advanced Inphenom 5-step program your hair will literaly be repaired from the inside out, 5 layers insure long lasting effects. It can be done after color treatments.Your hair will be healthier and have a more vibrant color than ever before. A homecare package is included in this treatment, making your luxurious and silky smooth hair last for 5 weeks.
Short hair : ¥3,990
Medium/Long hair : ¥4620 ~ ¥6000

Linkage – MEU (for hair only) + homecare
Linkage Meu is a quick 3-step salon treatment with shampoo bath that instantly improves the quality and texture of hair without feeling greasy or heavy.
A homecare package is included in this treatment. Enjoy silky and smooth results for up to 4 weeks with your homecare.
Short hair :¥2210
Medium/Long hair : ¥2730 ~ ¥4000

Head spa:

Mythic Oil(scalp and hair)
An indulgent service with relaxing oil massage techniques to clarify, protect, moisturize and rejuvenate hair, returning it to a balanced state.

Short hair : ¥3650 
Medium/Long hair : ¥4200

Villa Lodola (scalp and hair)
2-step rejuvenating procedure based entirely on organic herbs and aroma.We will
choose a shampoo and clay type among many, that especially fit your hair and scalp type. The clay treatment cleanses and revives the scalp.
Short hair : ¥4000
Medium/Long hair : ¥5000

Hair treatments with color and perm:

Nature – Power FLD (for hair only)
Fld is a 3-step hair treatment we mix and apply it with color or perm solutions. Refuiling and moisturizing hair, the treatment gives it a strong, glossy and shiny look.
Short hair : ¥5250 
Medium long hair : ¥7880

Collagen Rose treatment
Our Collagen rose treatment consists of 3 luxurious steps created to protect and revive your hair for coloring and perms.
Before the coloring in step 1 we apply Keratin and collagen that protects the hair for the coming strain of coloring and perm. It also naturally softens and smoothes the hair.
Step 2 is done when coloring.Aromatic Rose oil and 9 different kinds of amino acids are mixed into a concentrate and added to the hair, which causes a clear color to manifest itself and making it more brilliant.
In Step 3 we add a buffer which helps to regain and balance the natural ph value on your scalp. You’ll see an increase in your hairs color strength.This is done after the color.



Prices do not include Sales Tax