Breawna dropped in for a cut and style – Yoshiko worked her magic; full bangs, layers and shape & texture .

She seems real happy with the results 🙂


When Cheryl first came in, her hair had remains of different colors and pigmentation from other stylists. It had a blotchy look with flat hair that needed to be livened up.

yoshiko_camera 124 yoshiko_camera 125

Her hair was damaged and in need or restoration. Seeing what she had to work with, Yoshiko knew a color correction was in order, as well as deep moisturizing treatment.

yoshiko_camera 126 yoshiko_camera 127

The deep moisturizing treatment with color gloss was applied to help restore vitality and a healthy glow to her hair.

Cheryl wanted a medium copper-blonde color with darker roots. Yoshiko gladly provided that, along with giving her more layers and body. Cheryl left with reinvigorated, natural-looking hair that is sure to catch some eyes.

Caroline came in with long, frizzy hair that she wanted made manageable. She had long roots that were in need of being touched up and ends that needed to be taken care of.

yoshiko_camera 137 yoshiko_camera 136

Caroline received highlights and lowlights to brighten up her hair and catch the light. Yoshiko tried to equalize the color of her hair to give a uniform look.

yoshiko_camera 140 yoshiko_camera 141

The ends of Caroline’s hair were damaged, so they were trimmed up just a bit. Yoshiko concealed the frizz by use of layering and adding texture and taking out some of the natural brass color in her hair.

In the end, Caroline’s hair looks healthy and shiny.

Kayla came in for a trim with a one concern. She wanted to have front bangs. Yoshiko was more than happy to help.

yoshiko_camera 066


yoshiko_camera 067

The overall length of Kayla’s her didn’t change much, but Yoshiko trimmed it up and gave her the bangs she was wanting. Along this with, her hair was given layering to add some texture.