Rebekah’s blond hair had started to fade when she came to Afrodita. Dark color came out about 4-5 inches at the roots, and her hair had become too long and dry. It was also a little wavy, which she didn’t like too much, so she wanted to get it straightened aswell.


Yoshiko gave her a color correction by adding golden color to the roots. Thick bright highlights were applied to strands, giving her the warmer color effect she wanted.

Her hair was cut in length, bangs were also trimmed up and texture was added for a complete look. Layers were made and her hair is now straight and framed around the face.

The new hair changed her look considerably, it has a more natural appearance color now. Her face became so much brighter and more charming after this change. Probably due to happiness from the haircut 😀


Jenna came to Afrodita with dark blonde hair and asked for a total recoloring. She wanted to go black and change her image.
Jenna DSCN4296 Jenna DSCN4297

So Yoshiko colored with dark brown color to give a sharper appearance, afterwards she gave her a trim and created some layers and texture for depth and volume.

Jenna DSCN4301

She got what she asked for. 🙂  The dark hair gives her a stronger and fiercer look, while her glasses gives it a cute finish.
Also, blending in with japanese crowds is a lot easier now. ;P

When Natalia came, her hair was not so much styling. dyed brown, thin and touch shoulder. She wants a change, especially brighter hair to be blonde.


In Afrodita, she got her hair trimmed up in layers. It was colored to be blonde, which helps significantly brighten her face.

A shorter bang is compatible with her face shape. Yoshiko made hair becomes more volumous on the top.

Natalia’s image is dramatical changed. She looks much brighter and more vital with this new hair style.

Angie has her hair damaged and not stylish . when she came to Afrodita. It was cut long time ago in a simple way. She needs deep treatment for her hair.

Angie DSCN4092


Angie DSCN4091


After Yoshiko cut and made layers, Angie’s hair looks much more shaped. The front part was combed out to show her face better.

Angie DSCN4093

She received head spa-scalp treatment for the special needs of her hair. Two different types of shampo were used, followed by clay mask to cleanse deeply from the pores.  She got massage in head which made her feel very good. The massage gives huge benefits for blood circulation and stimulates growth of hair follicles.

Angie DSCN4094

Angie DSCN4095

The total care leaves Angie a glossy vigorous looks in both her hair and her face. Villa Lodola hair care products were used for the best effects on hair’s health. She is totally satisfied with the results she got from Afrodita.

Kelly came in for a cut but didn’t want anything too dramatic. She already had long, healthy, and vibrant hair, so it was a simple visit.

Kelly DSCN4056 Kelly DSCN4058


Kelly DSCN4059 Kelly DSCN4060

The hair in the back was trimmed up a bit, and layers were added. She didn’t want much of a change, however, she did ask for some fringe in the front. Yoshiko gave her huge bangs and a little bit of a curl at the end of the locks that rest in front.