Single Process

¥8,000 & up

Double Process

¥11,000 & up

Highlights / Lowlights

This technique is widely regarded throughout Europe and North American as the most highly-developed way to color hair. Hair is dyed in a series of bundles ensuring that the new hair color, combined with your natural hair coloring, blends to create a three-dimensional look that looks natural and lasts longer (even 2 to 3 months after coloring).

FULL HEAD : ¥12,000 & up

HALF HEAD : ¥8,000 & up


A technique that changes the tone of your hair and leaves you with a glossy look. You’ll be able to enjoy a range of different colors without causing undue damage to your hair.

Semi/Demi Color ¥8,000 & up

Ombre/Balayage ¥15,000 & up

Color Correction By Consultation

Men’s Color Camo ¥7,000 & up

We also do roots touch up.


(Prices do not include Sales Tax)