Neringa goes back to her Natural Colour

Neringa came into Afrodita as a blonde….

She told Yoshiko that she wanted a more natural colour with an easy to mange style.

Yoshiko started with low lights, then cut off the length and added layers with swept to the side bangs.



Neringa’s roots were slowly coming back, a frequently accuring problem with colored hair we noticed. ^^
But instead of simply touching up her roots again like you normally do, she had another strategy in mind. Give her hair a more natural color, but with some contrast in it. So even though the roots would appear again later, there would be no need to touch it up, since it’ll fit with the rest of the hair. Thus, making it a more permanent solution.


neringasept1-636neringasept1- 637

Yoshiko gave her a cut and colored her with an ombre color, and gave her hair a nice natural transition from the dark to lighter.



neringasept1-639 neringasept1-638

The gradual naturaly changing color really works well. Now she won’t need to come and update it each month. Did we mention how amazing her new cut looks?
Have a nice day everyone! 😉