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Carol – 12 Feb 2011
I’ve been a client for the past 5 years and the high/lowlights are the very best in Tokyo, I’m a British person with fine blonde difficult hair, Yoshiko is the best. Excellent service.

Francesca – 27 Feb 2011
She [Yoshiko] knows all types of hair – even fine, blonde foreign hair! I tried a ton of places in Yokohama and Tokyo and Yoshiko is the best! Have come here now for over 3 years…easy to find, great service, I love my hair every time!

Heather – 11 Apr 2011
Afrodita is a great and affordable foreigner-friendly salon in Yokohama. Yoshiko is GREAT, with not only awesome style and skill, but perfect English. I have rather difficult fine hair, and they handled it without any problems (unlike the many disastrous experiences I’ve had at other salons in Tokyo). I highly recommend this place – they even have lovely English magazines, so you can completely relax and enjoy your time!

30 Apr 2011
I’ve tried a few hair salons in Tokyo and Yokohama and I came to Afrodita after a disappointing cut at a salon where communication was definitely an issue. Yoshiko fixed the cut and has been wonderful when I’ve wanted colour, highlights, lowlights and even straightening. I definitely recommend Afrodita!

Anna – 12 May 2011
AFRODITA is a great hair salon. Long time I had a problem with my hair but Yoshiko has made that my hair looks great now. Yoshiko is the best! She knows all types of hair. I definitely recommend AFRODITA.

Maureen Fitzgerald ‎- 11 Jun 2011
Afrodita is the best hair salon I have been to in years. The styling is modern, professional and funky. Yoshiko is a whizz with the scissors and creates the perfect style for everyone. The colouring is also just what I want. This is my favourite salon in Japan or Sydney with friendly staff, excellent English and helpful advice. It is also very good value.

christi ‎ – 29 Jul 2011
I’ve been going to Afrodita for years. Yoshiko is a great hair designer and stylist. I’ve always been so happy with my hair cut and colour each time I walked out of Afrodita. I highly recommend Afrodita especially for foreigners living in Japan that are looking for someone that speaks English well, knows how to work with many different types of hair and has foreign hair products for use and on sale at their salon.

Rei W. ‎- 5 Sep 2011
I’ve been living in Japan for about 7 years now and I’ve always had issues when it came to getting my hair cut due to the language barrier. Some places had minimal English but the prices were kind of high or I didn’t like the stylist, but this place, Afrodita, is by far the best place I’ve gone to yet. I live in Yokohama so the location is very convenient for me as well—the salon is less than a 10 minute drive from our apartment. Yoshiko-san is very nice and her English is great. I went in for a cut and a thermal straightening and was very pleased with the results. The other staff are very friendly as well. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer!

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  1. curlygirl

    As a curly girl in Japan, it was impossible for me to find a place where I could cut my hair (I mean, properly) until I found Afrodita! I was so happy with the result and definitely going back again. Excellent service, super friendly staff and a true professional hairstylist.

  2. Fred Ramos
    Fred Ramos06-29-2014

    Having faith in my ability of my hair follicles to renew the hair due to emotional stress has been my endless challenge. Fed up, embarrassed and with nowhere else to go, friends highly recommended to give Afrodita a shot. Finding Afrodita, consulting and ultimately cutting my hair was the best thing I’ve done. She was able to understand completely my situation and arrange a cut to ease my unsettling feeling. Afrodita – you are my most valuable player…Gracias !!

  3. Samantha K.
    Samantha K.03-11-2016

    So very very happy with my recent visit to Afrodita. My tired and long hair was cut to shoulder length and given a lovely natural shaggy look. Two weeks later and my hair still looks exactly as it did when I left the Salon. Very easy to manage and always falls into the same style. Apart from Yoshiko’s great cutting and styling technique, I would also recommend Afrodita for the relaxed atmosphere, the slow and easygoing consulting period to establish exactly what kind of style I was hoping for, and for the lovely assistant who adds to the experience with her a great head, shoulder and hand massage. Very convenient location and a nice walk along the canal to get there from Yokohama Station. Thank you and see you soon.

  4. Moses P.
    Moses P.12-14-2016

    I just had my hair cut by Yoshiko and I had a really great time at the salon. I walked in without an appointment since it’s my first full day here in Japan and they took me in no problem. Her and Katherine (Kai?) were really friendly and nice. Yoshiko took her time cutting my hair and it ended up looking really great. Katherine washed my hair after, gave me a head massage, a back massage, and a hand/arm massage while carrying a really nice conversation. It’s a nice walk from Yokohama Station. You walk through the bustling city, then into the suburbs, then alongside a river so you get a lot of the city in just a 20 minute walk. At first I was hesitant to walk the whole way but it was absolutely worth it. Thanks again, Yoshiko and Katherine! Hopefully I’ll see you guys again soon.

  5. Bukky

    hello. interesting reviews and feedback here.

    pls I’d like to know if Afrodita has any experience working with black African hair. can you do stuff like creme relaxing and fixing weaves and hair extensions?

  6. Gavin

    Sorry we don’t have any experience with African hair.

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