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Katrien and Bart’s style change.

Katrien and Bart came to our salon to have a hair cut. Both of them had not been having a hair cut for ages, Katrien had a long fluffy bob style, wanted to get it clean and neat. Bart wanted to get it something short, but it was only a rough idea.     For katrien, Yoshiko suggested her to have straightening, …

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Yoshiko Camera 503

Japanese straightening for Melissa.

Melissa had come to our salon with her friend, she was seeking for a straight hair. She naturally had a nice wavy hair, which asian girls pays for it. But, people always want what they don’t have.     In our salon, there are some type of straightening systems, each of them could give different result,  have a different texture, nuance. After …

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Iryna’s style change.

Iryna had come to our salon to meet up her friend. But, she have not had a hair cut for ages. So, she decided to try yoshiko. Actually, her friend has alredy been yoshiko’s regular customer.     She had particular style that she wanted. It’s long edgy A-line bob. Therefore, she wanted to keep the length on front, or …

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Digital permanent wave for Sheena.

There are some techniques you might see them only in Japanese salon, such as the permanent straightening, or wave… Especially, for those permanent shaped techniques are pretty common here. This time, Sheena had come to us to get nice curly style. As those pictures, Sheena had a long and soft straght hair. She wanted to have beautiful bouncy curls from middle …

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Differences of the product.

Some customer tell us  the  product as they’ve been used in their country or from a previous salon, such as the No. of color. Sometime it works to get the rough image of what they want. On the other hand, it dosen’t, because there are few but specific differences between  product brands. Even in the salon, we’re looking at each brand’s “color chart”,  …

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